We’ll See How This Goes…

We’ll See How This Goes…

Why hello there!

I recently read that that anyone who wants to be a writer should have a blog, so here I am! My new years resolution is to write more so we’ll see how this goes because the last time I kept a resolution was…well, never.

I’ve recently been feeling that I have not been spending very much time on things that I enjoy and am passionate about. I’m sure many of you can relate.Between work and kids all my free time gets used up on others and when I do have it I’m too exhausted to do anything!

Back in the day as a young 23 year old fresh out of school with a journalism degree I saw myself freelance writing but then I didn’t do anything to actually get into freelance writing. Will I actually start freelancing now?  We’ll see how this goes.

Will this blog have a theme? Does my life count as a theme? Will this blog actually get followers? I have my hopes set at 8. How often will I post? I hope at least weekly .

I guess my main goal is to just start writing regularly and hopefully provide a little entertainment along the way.