Guys, Someone Paid Me To Write!

Guys, Someone Paid Me To Write!

A few weeks ago I joined a website for freelance projects. I randomly bid on a project to see how it works and actually won the bid! I literally had to make up writing samples to send the client  (I didn’t have anything prepared because I didn’t think my bid would actually win) but she loved them and I got my first paid freelance gig! I wrote a blog post for a women in technology group recapping an event that they had hosted. When I initially read through the presentation I thought “what did I get myself into? I am not a technical person” but after reviewing the materials several times I was able to pull out what I thought were the key elements and in no time I had a 450 word blog post for her. The client LOVED it, actually paid me a bonus, and gave me a great review on the website! I can now technically call myself a freelance writer!

Then two weeks ago my husbands coworker hired me to redo his resume and write him a cover letter and now just today I won another bid through the website to rewrite another resume, cover letter and rewrite some e-mail responses. I think I found a nice way to earn a little extra money! It’s pretty neat that I have been able to take something I love doing and use it earn a little extra money for my family!

I’m going to go do a happy dance now.





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