Things I Love: Books

Things I Love: Books

One of my favorite memories from my childhood would be the days my mom would take us to the public library. Myself, my mom and my three sisters would all walk over to the library and spend so much time looking at books, deciding which would be the lucky few to come home with us. On lucky days we would then get lunch at McDonald’s and head over to the park  to play before heading home and reading our books.

My mom is an avid reader and it  definitely had an influence over my sisters and I. To this day we all still love reading, some of us just have more time than others to dedicate to reading. The love of reading has led to most of us writing in one capacity or another.

I’m proud to say that I have passed my love of reading on to my girls. They love going to the library and picking out books so much that I have to limit how many they check out each time! When the girls are well behaved and have earned a reward one of their favorite things to do is go to the book store and select a book or two to bring home. The girls can never wait until they get home to read their books, they start reading them in the car.

  Finley and Harlow proudly displaying their first library cards back in 2013 (they look so little!)

A couple of years ago my husband got me a Kindle for Christmas, which I love, but nothing compares to cracking open a brand new book and smelling the pages of fresh ink. I haven’t been spending as much time reading lately as  I would like to. I have a nice little stack of books to get through plus a couple on my Kindle (see picture below).

I’m challenging my self to read at least one book per month, i’m hoping more. I think I have enough to get through the whole year if I read one per month! I’m looking forward to taking some me time and cozying up with a cup of coffee and reading a chapter or two and eventually when its warm outside (which seems so far away) sitting on my patio and enjoying a warm breeze while the characters in my book entertain me. After I finish my stack I’ll be looking for new reading materials. Any suggestions? What are you currently reading?