Are You Messy Too?

Are You Messy Too?

Yesterday I wore a really cute outfit to work. Which shouldn’t sound like that much of an accomplishment but it’s cold up here in Wisco and sometimes looking cute in layers worn for warmth can be difficult. My door mat sums up our weather perfectly.


So I thought to myself I should take a selfie of my outfit. I’ve taken selfies before but I’ve never really had good results. My coworker even gave me a tutorial on how to take selfies. Sadly I was not a good student and I have not mastered the art of selfie taking.

First I tried to take said selfie with the full length mirror in my bedroom, but my on top of the dresser clutter was in the background and I didn’t like the way it looked. So I went to my daughters room and taking that picture led to a small list of chores which included vacuuming her room and cleaning her mirror. Then I tried the bathroom mirror but it cut half of my body off and you saw all the hair products and toys that were on the bathroom counter. I’ll add cleaning up the bathroom to that list I started while in my daughters room.

I see these adorable outfit of the day posts on Pinterest and Instagram and realized these people bedrooms are always so clean! Do they stage them? Quickly hide the mess before they take the picture or are they always that tidy? My quest to take a selfie of my perfectly layered cold weather outfit confirmed two things for me, one i’m terrible at taking selfies and two my house is always messy.

A while ago I bought that book that has been super popular about tidying up and only keeping things that bring you joy. It’s still sitting on my shelf, I haven’t gotten ¬†around to reading it yet. Do I really need a book to tell how to organize my house? Should I let the mess bother me? I think the answer to both is No. I bought the book with the intention of seeing what all the hype was about and maybe come out with an idea or two we can put into practice. I love the saying “a messy house is a happy house” because based off of this my family is deliriously happy.


I could be cleaning right now so my attempts at selfies have tidy backgrounds but instead i’m snuggled up in my arm chair drinking a glass of wine and catching up on Game of Thrones with the husband ( we got on the band wagon really late) and enjoying myself. The mess can wait. In regards to getting better at selfies the husband thinks I should just buy a selfie stick. Until then below is the closest i’m going to get to a selfie.


Confession husband actually took the picture but aren’t my cat socks great?